Carry On Bags

This is the beginning of three-part series that documents the two-week journey that Kate and I are embarking on. We’re going to a beach town in Spain for a week, then heading to Amsterdam for work.


“Because Suitcases Aren’t Cool”

After almost 12 years of dedication and service, it was time to retire my one and only piece of carry-on luggage.

Obtained as a gift/cast off from a college friend, who was getting ready to fly back to his hometown in Sao Paolo after graduation. He dropped off a stack of luggage at our house, telling us that he wasn’t bringing it back to Brazil, and we were free to keep any of it.

We promptly threw all but one of the pieces of his luggage in the trash. I swiftly snapped up a small black two-wheeled bag that proceeded to accompany me all across the world.

That little bag wasn’t particularly flashy or fun, but it got the job done. It crossed climates, countries, and countries with ease, always resing snugly above my head in whichever window seat I had crammed myself into.

When Kate and I did a quick trip to Washington, D.C. to meet Kate’s new niece, the wear and tear of my little bag became evident. It had fought the good fight, but the wheels were starting to go, the inside was cracking, and it was a decade behind in current carry on travel bag technology.

With much reluctance, I accepted that it was time to bid my satchel sayonara. Now I had to find a worthy replacement.

After reading multiple articles breaking down the best carry on bags, I settled on a sturdy 21-inch tall olive-green Travelite bag. Kate has one of those bags with four wheels (double the wheels!), and it seemed that they made her life easier.

After a minor snafu with bag ordering, I received my new carry on companion last night, and I’m now in the airport with it sitting obediently by my side. Like a silent R2D2, this rolling container has layers of intrigue and whimsy, and I can’t wait to see what adventures and memories it helps me create.

Oh, and those four wheels? Holy shit what a delightful change. It’s almost like I’m letting the bag lead me. If you’re thinking about a bag upgrade, get one that spins. I’ve already made it do maneuvers that would make even the most fanatic fans of Fast and the Furious gasp.

Carry On Bags – 4 out of 5 Stars

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