Going Commando

This is the second of three-part series that documents the two-week journey that Kate and I are embarking on. We’re going to a beach town in Spain for a week, then heading to Amsterdam for work.


“Is This What Freedom Feels Like?”

When we told Kate’s uncle we were going to visit the family house in Moraira, he gave lots of amazing advice. From where to get the best empanadas to his favorite wine bodega, there is nothing of more value while traveling than local knowledge. However, there was one piece of counsel that stuck out above the rest, and it’s a piece of wisdom that I’ve carried with me this entire trip.

“Listen, once you get to Moraira, all you need is shorts and sandals. Maybe a shirt, but that’s it. Nothing else – do you know what I mean? Nothing else.”

Underwear is a garment for the worker. It protects and provides support in places where it’s critical both of those duties are filled. To live a life without underwear is to throw caution (and body parts) to the wind, and to embrace a life that is more…free.

At first I was hesitant. I’m a cautious person by nature. Unless I have direct plans to be in the water, it’s very rare that I’m traveling unaccompanied by accompaniment, if you will. But once I settled into the thought process of a man who was going to live free, at least for the next several days, the lifestyle became second nature.

The weather here is incredibly hot, and there’s no better way to cool down than to truly embrace the full nature of the sea breeze.

That’s not to say there hasn’t been an element of danger to the whole endeavor, but since we’re in a secluded compound, I feel like the stakes have been relatively low, while the rewards high. Not to mention that the whole European sense of body image is in full force here – large old men in speedos are a common sight, and they wear their flesh with a proud and quiet dignity.

We’re set to end our Spanish vacation mañana, and will be spending the next week and a half in Amsterdam, where I will be once again donning the vestments of a working man – underwear. But for this last day, I’ll make sure to enjoy the true feel of freedom, and that feeling is a gentle gust of wind.

Going Commando – 4 out of 5 Stars

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