“Hashbrowns With Guilt”

Happy Hannukah everyone!

We’re not a religious household, but we do like to celebrate the holidays, and what better way to celebrate Hannukah with latkes – the traditional Jewish pancakes.

So, on Tuesday night, Kate and I spent an hour peeling potatoes and chopping onions, and then I managed to not burn myself with oil frying these delicious potato cakes on my cast iron.

I do have certain basic questions though. Of all the foods that Jews could have claimed, why the potato pancake? It’s not bad, but realistically it’s just a fancy way of doing hashbrowns.

Matzoh I understand – with the Egyptians and Moses and all that. But latkes? If we’re going to take a basic breakfast staple and adopt it as dinner, why not something like a breakfast burrito? Or French Toast? Or a quiche?

Are latkes supposed to be the side dish? Or the main course? Has anyone ever made a sandwich out of brisket with two latkes being the bread? Because if not, I might just open up that food truck.

Long story short, we made a lot of latkes, and now my lunch today is leftover latkes. I might have hit my latke limit.

Latkes – 2 out of 5 Stars

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