Shun Chef’s Knife

“Oh That’s Nice”

For my birthday, I was awarded a smattering of great gifts from friends and family. They’re all equal in value, thoughtfulness, and loving gestures.

Then there’s my new Shun 8″ Chef’s Knife.

Probably forged by the last great Samurai Swordmaker, Hattori Hanzo, my Shun knife is the greatest thing to ever happen to my novice culinary career.

Lovingly named “Shun Li”, after the Street Fighter character, Chun Li, Shun and Chun have similar capabilities. They’re both delicate, sharp, and can take down objects double and triple their size.

We have great knives in our kitchen, but Shun Li has taken it up to the next level. Kate and I jockey for who gets to do the cooking prep work. Dicing an onion is like trying on silk pajamas. Smooth and sexy.

I feel a tinge of guilt everytime I take Shun Li down off of the wall because the rest of our knives are left to hang up on their magnetic prison, gloomily staring down as Shun Li chops and carves.

This must be how Woody felt in Toy Story 3 when he realized Andy was getting too old to play with toys.

Not to say that my other knives aren’t useful. We have a bread knife that is incredible. But the rest of them…just don’t cut it.

Is this the beginning of their sad, slow march to the back of the kitchen drawer? Perhaps they’ll be handed down to younger family members or friends.

Maybe they’ll eventually be donated.

Or, they will end up going to the great whetstone in the sky, where all the steaks are marbled, the knives never go dull, and chefs never replace you with Japanese steel.

Shun Chef’s Knife – 4 out of 5 Stars 

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