Automated Bathroom Apparatus

“Wash Me, Dammit”

I’m not sure the exact technical term, but there’s a word for when emerging technology becomes accepted on a massive scale, and becomes the new normal. Maybe it’s the tipping point? I’m sure Malcolm Gladwell would know.

Hands-free bathroom technology has reached my personal tipping point. More and more public places are forgoing actual skin to machine contact, and instead, we’re just waving our hands at towel dispensers, soap sloppers, sinks, and hand dryers.

On the whole, I’m pro automation when it comes to the bathroom. I once worked at a place where everything in the bathroom was automated, and when I would come home to my very not automated home bathroom, I would have to mentally reboot a few times, realizing that I still had to *do* things.

Which brings about the dark side of automated bathroom technology. When they don’t work, the situation can go from comical to dire.

We’ve all done it. We’ve been in an unfamiliar bathroom, noticed that the sink has one of those sensors, and blindly put our hands under the faucet, ready for our paws to be polished with water. And then.


Nothing happens. You glance around, see if other people are having the same problem with their sink, and of course, they’re not. They’re technically literate. What are you, a Luddite?

You wave your hands in front of the sink, with ever-increasing frenzy. It either turns on or if not you’ll quickly abandon that sink and slink over to another automated station. Perhaps you’ll even try to shrug it off with a bad joke or a “whaddayagonnado” shrug to the invisible crowd.

Or, you’ll just pretend like the water hit your hands, throw some soap on it, and then grab a towel and hightail it.

However, there is nothing worse than being presented with faulty automatic technology when in a bathroom stall. Say what you will about manual toilets, but you know who’s in control.

It’s a truly humbling moment when you’re in a restroom, waving at a toilet, praying to the machine gods that it will quickly dispose of your waste.

Technology is a double-edged sword. Especially when we count on that sword to edge against the side of excrement.

Automated Bathroom Apparatus – 3 out of 5 Stars 

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